21 Days To Ultimate Health!

This is not a cleanse.

This is not a diet.

This is the healthy life you always dreamed of...

Let's face it, you already KNOW what foods are healthy. You know that if you eat lots of salad and salmon and broccoli you will likely lose weight. You know that if you run endlessly on the treadmill, that is exercise. And exercise is good.

That is not what this is about.

This is about HOW to actually want to eat well, how to make it easy, how to make your body want it. This is about making your life and your health, your brain and your body all intertwined and all equally wanting this. That was always the problem, right? You start a diet because you "have to lose weight". You continue for a few days or a week or maybe a month. Then one day you just stop. Fall off the wagon. You cheat. You blow it.

That happened because you deprived yourself and stopped doing things that were comfortable and happy for you. Everyday in that diet you had to fight cravings and overthink what you were eating. You had to force yourself to exercise.


This program is about you finding what makes YOU happy and healthy.

What makes you feel good!

Start Today!  Not tomorrow.

Week 1  Makeover Your Diet

Week 2  Makeover Your Pantry and Medicine Cabinet

Week 3  Makeover Your Lifestyle

How it works:

You order the program and receive 3 one-hour recorded sessions to listen to in the comfort of your own home over the next 3 weeks! You have the option to add up to two specially discounted one-on-one meetings (in my office or via telephone or Skype) to be scheduled during the program to further personalize your experience.

At least one meeting is highly recommended.
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