Employee Wellness Programs

Zen Tree Wellness offers Employee Wellness Programs that can start making a difference in your health immediately! Engaging workshops have employees making huge strides with small changes.

Benefits to Employees:

~ Learn weight loss techniques
~ Prevent cold and flu
~ Lower blood pressure
~ Control blood sugar
~ Lessen bad cholesterol and increase good
~ Stop counting carbs, calories and points for effective weight loss

Benefits to Employers:

By implementing wellness programs and using health and wellness coaching, employers reduce the risk of preventable illness in their organizations.

~ Improved overall health of employees
~ Reduced healthcare and insurance costs
~ Decreased absenteeism
~ Enhanced performance and productivity

Through group workshops and one-on-one consultations, employees will learn important stress management techniques as well as healthy living strategies and nutritional guidance that improves physical and mental well-being.

With several packages to choose from, employers can pick which program best fits their needs.

Customized workshops for your employees!
 Minimizing Your Sick Days; Proven Methods to Prevent Colds and Flu
 Get Rid of The Afternoon Sweet Tooth; Killing Cravings and Controlling Your Weight
 Nightshift Workers; Staying Healthy and Alert as You Fight The Clock
 More Time In Your Day; Breaking Free of Counting Calories, Carbs, and Points

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