Klō Organic Beauty

Zen Tree Wellness is very excited to share our Klō Organic Beauty. We have been hard at work creating this organic anti-aging skin care line for you.

Please check it out and enjoy!

, Kitchen Lab Organics, was created in our very own kitchen!
We never intended to share our product or even make more than one small bottle at a time. We purchased only the highest quality ingredients because we were making these products for ourselves! We couldn’t understand why the big name companies were using such inferior ingredients and trying to market them as beneficial. Our pledge to you is to stick with our original mission which is to give you high quality amazing products chock full of nutrients to bring out your natural beauty.

There was a huge lack of truly healthy organic products on the market. Everything we thought was good, proved otherwise when we read the ingredient list. It seemed that cheap non-beneficial oils as well as chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances were making their way into even so-called natural and organic products. Klō was created from a need. We wanted a product where each and every ingredient had a benefit to our skin.

Our oils are organic, unrefined, food-grade, and non GMO. Everything we make is handcrafted in small batches and packaged in amber glass to maintain the life and integrity of the oils. Klō tests all products on our loved ones (never on animals!).

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